Productivity Deals on the World Productivity Day and Beyond

Aidas Bendoraitis
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If you lead a life of achievements and you are not one to settle for mediocrity, you definitely care about effective productivity tools and systems. Today is World Productivity Day, and I collaborated with a few productivity experts and collected a list of deals for tools and resources that can improve your life and work.

📚 Books

Living with Purpose

Mike Lamb’s guide “Living with Purpose,” refers to the concept of leading a meaningful and intentional life. The author emphasizes the importance of finding personal meaning and aligning one’s actions and goals with that purpose. The book aims to help individuals move from merely surviving day-to-day to thriving and living with clarity and fulfillment.

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Productivity Tips for Procrastivisionaries

“Productivity Tips for Procrastivisionaries” by Aidas Bendoraitis is a valuable resource for individuals struggling with procrastination and seeking to make significant strides toward their goals. This printed book assures readers that there is a way out of this cycle and offers practical strategies to help them overcome procrastination and increase their productivity. It’s a great motivational present for your closest ones.

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Productivity Tips for High Achievers

“Productivity Tips for High Achievers” carefully tailored by Aidas Bendoraitis is a comprehensive guide packed with over 120 selected productivity tips to help ambitious individuals reach their goals without experiencing burnout. The book acknowledges the challenges of feeling overwhelmed and losing focus but offers practical advice to enhance productivity and make small tweaks to routines and work habits. The guide is designed for busy individuals seeking concise, actionable tips that can be read in one go or revisited when needed.

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🥇 Prioritizers

1st things 1st is a web app created by Websightful UG that simplifies decision-making in today’s fast-paced world. The web app offers an intuitive prioritization tool for quick decisions based on gut feeling, as well as a smart prioritization tool for more complex decisions, considering various criteria. Recently integrated with AI, it provides personalized suggestions based on individual preferences and values. The platform also includes an export feature for seamless integration with existing productivity tools.

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📝 Notion tools

Deep Work Room

The Deep Work Room Notion template by Jamel offers a solution for individuals who struggle with distractions and maintaining focus during work. This customizable template provides a distraction-free environment for deep work sessions, allowing users to track their progress, stay organized with task lists and project management tools, and access helpful resources on the rules of deep work. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or student, this template aims to enhance productivity, creativity, and overall success.

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“Day-2-Day” is a Notion template offered by Alejandra Cienfuegos to help users organize their day-to-day tasks and projects. The template is based on the PARA System, the GTD method, and the creators’ own experience. It aims to assist individuals who struggle with organization, time management, and goal achievement. The template includes pre-built databases for projects, areas, resources, analytics, and archives. It also features a Control Center, Day-2-Day Dashboard, and Library for easy access to information. Users can customize the template according to their needs and preferences. The creators have used and refined this system for two years and offer guidelines and support sections. Testimonials highlight the effectiveness of the template.

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Second Brain

“Second Brain” Notion template by Easlo offers a comprehensive Notion system designed to centralize your notes, tasks, projects, and resources. This all-in-one dashboard includes features such as the PARA Method, project and task management, knowledge management, weekly review, goal setting, and bonus templates like habits and journaling. The package also provides tutorials, examples, lifetime access to updates, and access to an exclusive community.

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🍏 Habit Tracking


HabitApp by Habib Khan is the perfect tool to transform your life. With its generous free tier, you’ll get 21 habits and 3 routines to kickstart your journey. The app offers templates, making it effortless to get started. Your habits will seamlessly stack into structured routines, increasing your chances of success. Track your progress with the calendar history, experiencing a sense of accomplishment. Need assistance? Reach out to their 24/7 support team. For additional guidance and inspiration, check out their YouTube channel.

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📆 Project Management


ClickUp is a versatile project management and collaboration tool designed to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. It offers a wide range of features and customizable options to help teams and individuals organize tasks, track progress, collaborate on projects, and manage goals efficiently. ClickUp provides a user-friendly interface, task management capabilities, communication tools, time tracking, document management, automation, integrations with popular apps, and more.

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Final words

In conclusion, on World Productivity Day and beyond, there are various productivity deals and resources available to help individuals enhance their personal and professional lives. These deals include insightful books like “Living with Purpose” and “Productivity Tips for Procrastivisionaries,” offering guidance on finding meaning and overcoming procrastination. Additionally, prioritization tools like “1st things 1st” web app and Notion templates such as “Deep Work Room”, “Day-2-Day”, and “Second Brain” assist in managing tasks and projects efficiently. Habit tracking with “HabitApp” and project management through “ClickUp” further contribute to increased productivity. By taking advantage of these deals and resources, individuals can optimize their workflows, improve focus, and achieve their goals more effectively.

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