Empower Your Decision-Making with AI Insights

Aidas Bendoraitis
2 min readSep 27, 2023


As soon as we become adults, we become responsible for many decisions in our lives, such as career choice, education, vehicle purchase, housing choice, social commitments, leisure activities, and more. It might be overwhelming and stressful to make those choices every day. The fight or flight mode can paralyze our minds, leading to procrastination and decision fatigue.

But we are not alone. More than 4 billion adults make conscious decisions daily, and their collective wisdom can help you, too. Recently becoming popular, Artificial Intelligence is trained based on the knowledge, wisdom, and reasoning of enormous amounts of data produced by people. And you can tap into the stream of that knowledge and make your decisions more informed, logical, and trustworthy than possible for you as an individual alone.

Artificial Intelligence makes decisions easier. Its knowledge is data-driven but also contextual based on recognized patterns. Decision-making processing is much faster than a person can handle. When trained with large amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence can assist in making decisions with reduced influence from psychological biases that you have from your environment.

New technologies are not there to replace you. They are there to make you smarter and more efficient. Make informed choices faster and reduce your decision fatigue with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Trust Artificial Intelligence as a valuable advisor. You can still keep your personal judgment to be authentic and make authentic choices.

So how can you use Artificial Intelligence for decision-making, you ask? The online prioritization tool “1st things 1st” comes with intuitive and smart modes.

By default, the intuitive mode lets you prioritize options based on your gut feeling. Using the recently integrated auto-suggest function from OpenAI, you can quickly get your options sorted by importance using common sense.

The smart mode lets you prioritize analytically. With the auto-suggest function there, you can automatically assess your options by multiple criteria and see your priorities calculated.

Try those Artificial Intelligence integrations for free for a short time, and tell us what you think.

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Originally published at https://blog.1st-things-1st.com on September 27, 2023.



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